Rib Inflatable Vs Boat

No matter how much our world changes and we embrace technology, there will always be a place in our lives for natural bodies of water. There are just so many people out there that enjoy riding on their boat and fishing. However, technology has allowed us to change the way that our boats look. There are now people who are choosing inflatables over traditional boats. Are you ready to climb on board an inflatable? Many say it is a great switch for you to consider and we have discovered the many reasons people choose inflatables. We also encourage you to check out the comparisons we make when discovering which is best in the battle of rib inflatable vs boat.

Why People Stick with Hard Shell Boats

The biggest reason for people choosing hardshell over inflatable is the fact that they feel safer within a hard-shell boat. They like knowing that the chance of it developing a puncture is very slim. However, traditional boats are not unstoppable. There are situations where you can puncture them. Most people also like the different hull shapes and size options. They like their fish finders and powerful motors. They appreciate the stability that they have when standing up fishing on their boat and most owners of a hard-shell boat cannot imagine using something that is inflatable.

Go Adventuring in a Rib Inflatable

Admittedly, there are people who say that an inflatable can develop air leaks and that they are unstable. However, most inflatable manufacturers try to lessen potential concerns. The ribbed boats are very stable when in the water and most all have multiple air chambers to ensure that you are safe in the event that you do happen to run over something. They are also made of very durable PVC or Tarpaulin, which means that they are very difficult to puncture. Most all inflatables can be used with a trolling motor and other devices to make your day out on the water fun.

Which is Best?

In the battle between inflatable kayak vs hardshell, you have to look at how they are similar. The same is true for all other inflatable vs hard shell varieties. Both types are able to provide the rider with stability and durability if you take care of them and watch where you are going while in the water. Inflatables have been used for whitewater and so have hard shell boats. Where the inflatable comes out ahead, though, is in price and portability. The price of hard shelled boats, regardless of type, will always be more expensive than you could purchase an inflatable for. Hard shelled boats will also require you to have a trailer or a rack to carry it on. Inflatables can fold up and store within the trunk of a car. They are lightweight so that you can pick them up and carry them with you. They also work well on hard boats as a spare boat in the event of unforeseen issues. For many people, these facts mean that the rib inflatable is more desirable to own. For others, they have the boat and trailer set up and feel that they do not need to change anything. From there, you have to decide for yourself which is ideal for your situation.