Powering Your Rigid Inflatable

Many people are choosing the cheaper alternative to traditional boats. It is the growing trend to choose inflatable over pricier options and it is not something that will fade anytime soon. People love the easy portability and cost effectiveness that comes with inflatables, and thanks to rigid inflatables, they can also have the power of a motor rather than just their paddling power. However, for this, you need to understand what it takes to get the maximum amount of power and speed from your rigid inflatable. Do you know what powering your rigid inflatable takes?

Choosing the Right Motor

Rigid inflatables can handle motors that are designed for other boats. As far as horsepower most ribbed inflatables can handle motors that are anywhere from 5hp to 300hp depending on the size, people on board, and the water that you will be riding in. Most of the inflatable boat motors may travel up to 30 knots, but there are people who choose to put more power on them so that they may reach up to 70 knots. The faster speeds and larger HP motors are used mostly for racing boats since inflatable ribbed boats are very lightweight, stable in rough water, and fast. The thing to remember when choosing a motor for your rigid or ribbed boat is that they are designed to hydroplane. Their hulls enable it to go fast on top of the water and they can most of the time out-perform traditional boats of a similar size. This means even if you keep the HP low, you will still have plenty of speed pushing you across the water. However, choosing the perfect motor size is only have the battle. To truly have a great rigid inflatable boat, you have to consider other aspects as well.

Go Beyond the Motor

The truth is, even the biggest, baddest, motor available for a boat will fail to live up to its full potential if you forget about choosing the best marine battery available to power it. Everything on a boat starts with the battery. It is the heart of all operations and when it fails, your boat will as well. It has been proven time and time again by racing boats who fall short because of a battery issue that was unforeseen. This means that unless you have a desire to end up stuck in the water; you may also want to keep the lesson of those boat racers in mind. They all recommend you do your research and find the best deep cycle battery you can. For that, most all will tell you that the reviews are what matters.

Find Your Perfect Rigid Inflatable Battery

Marine battery reviews are important because they are submitted by real battery owners that have already formed an opinion on the battery life and its overall quality. It could be the key to ensuring that you spend your money wisely on a battery that is fit for a racing boat, and you can bet that any marine battery that will work for racing; will work for a fun day out on the water for you with family and friends.