On Board Bathroom Luxuries: Inflatable VS Monohull

When it comes to boating, everyone has a preference. Each person has things that they will feel is the most important thing for a boat to have. Perhaps that is why there are many people who like the larger boats. These larger monohull boats often they have several amenities that make it more luxurious when venturing out into open water and there are some things you simply cannot get on a smaller boat. For instance, a cabin with a bathroom. At least; that is what many people think and others are willing to carry out a camping toilet to have that simple luxury. However, it still lacks a little of the comfort of home. Have you ever considered the onboard bathroom luxuries in an inflatable vs a monohull?

Monohull Boats

Boat ToiletMonohulls have a single hull whereas catamarans have two hulls of equal size. Both types will most of the time have a cabin with most all of the luxuries of home. They may have shower stalls and sleeping areas, and more. They are designed with your comfort in mind and many of them can be used for multiple days at a time without you ever feeling as though you have to do without. Many of them have such things as the best dual flush toilet that you can get. They are the same size as toilets that you may have at home and they are very easy to keep clean. This is ideal for smaller cabin spaces since you will not have to worry about odors from the throne.

Inflatable Boats

These boats are ideal for some people and in most situations. They can be very large and have covered spaces onboard. Some may have a cabin of sorts to keep the sun off you. They have motors to ensure that you can get to your favorite fishing spot. Most all can have batteries on board for not only the motor, but to power your GPS, radios, and other important things. The one thing they do not have is bathrooms. It is not possible to put an actual flushing toilet onboard a boat that must stay free of holes. Admittedly, if you have a covered inflatable, you may be able to put a bucket type toilet in the cabin to give you a place to go, but then you have to figure out what to do with it when you are finished.


Bathrooms Make a Difference

For some people, a bathroom can make or break their enjoyment of the great outdoors and on their boat. It is something that everyone needs access to sometimes. Without them, Mother Nature’s call can be quite annoying to deal with. It is more important than a shower, it is more important than having a bed to sleep on, and it much more important than all other luxuries you may find on an inflatable; including the motor, GPS, and fish finders.

What do you feel makes a boat most usable? Do you enjoy spending a day on the water and knowing that you have a place to “go” or that something that is a luxury you do not feel is required?